2D illustrations

Right then, seeing as you asked........

At the moment I'm 38, living near Cambridge with my wife and 2 cats

I work under my own name as well as the pseudonym HappyToast, making music videos for people, adverts, product and logo designs, bizarre and hard to describe animations and pictures, write articles and reviews for 3D world magazine, make 3d assets, some web design, caricatures, publish books of zombies, colour in for 2000AD (I'm an ArtDroid!), write comedy sketches for the BBC and provide assitance to upstanding companies like Underground Toys, The Viral Factory and Holistech.

I also work as Lead Artist on a a virtual movie making tool called Moviestorm. Having joined the company as the only artist pretty much at day one my duties included anything and everything from character and prop modelling, texturing, rigging and animating, Mocap handling, facial set ups and prop creation. Also a fair bit of paperwork and dealing with outsourcers assisting the other artists in a technical capacity, liasing with the programmers and stuff like that. Fingers in every pie really and generally not afraid to make suggestions elsewhere too, so anything and everything really.

I won a Master Award from Ballistic Publishing in the "Humorous" category of the gorgeous CG art book "Expose 4" for my picture "Bill's Snowmen" - Something I'm really quite chuffed about and have had over 100 front pages on my home from home b3ta.com, which I'm even more chuffed about.

I also cook, eat, sleep, listen to music, watch TV, play on my PS3, do a spot of decorating and if the weathers nice and it's looking shabby - a little bit of gardening. Oh, I also constantly intend to actually do some new pictures and animations of my own design, but I'm generally too busy doing other peoples!

I like all things creative - films, art, digital media, fashion, design, architecture, dance, sort of everthing really, buy a lot of music - preferably new noises that I haven't heard before, and play games that assault my senses and make me think I'm Bruce Lee or Superman for 30 minutes of the day.

I'm happy.

And I think thats probably the most important thing.