The Marguerita Hoare School of Dancing



We enter four Festivals in the year and those pupils who qualify will go on to compete in the All England Dance Regional Finals and, if successful there, will dance at the London Finals.

This gives pupils the opportunity to perform in a competitive environment, thus strengthening their determination and confidence.

We advise when a child is ready to compete.

Private lessons are needed to learn and practice the required dances and costumes have to be considered.

The enjoyment and excitement outweighs the hard work.

Forthcoming Festival Dates : –

January 12th-13th 2019 - Welwyn/Hatfield Festival

Jan 19th-20th, - Welwyn/Hatfield Festival

26th-27th, Feb 2nd-3rd,- Welwyn/Hatfield Festival

Mar 2nd-3rd, 9th-10th, - Luton Festival

16th-17th, 23rd-24th - Luton Festival

April 27th – 28th - Watford Festival

May 4th-5th; 11th-12th - Watford Festival

Those of you involved with Dance Festivals, put the dates in your diary now!