3D illustrations

Too Much Tea! Bear Glowy Demon

Rubik's 360 Promo

Rubik's 360 Twisted Thinking Promo image Rubik's 360 Twisted Thinking Promo image

Various Commissions

Builder iPad2 iPad2 Star Dancer Star Dancer scoreboard SWBalls

3Dworld magazine illustrations

Next Gen Cover image for a gaming special DPS cover shot Dummies Guide illustrations Dummies Guide illustrations Illustration for a guide on endorphin Illustration for article on overworking Q&A on Jelly motion! Mocap illustration Robo-Monster thing Skinning Tutorial Robot Army

Other Stuff

Glowy Skull Garden Ghost MAX Little Red guy animation One Pot Pledge Low Poly Stormtrooper Tricycle boy Tricycle boy Tricycle Boy's mug

Moviestorm/Low Poly

Moviestorm Low poly Alien Moviestorm Low poly Skeletons Moviestorm Low poly Candle Moviestorm Low poly Dalek Moviestorm Low poly K9 Moviestorm Low poly Tardis Moviestorm Low poly Suit Moviestorm Low poly PS3 Moviestorm Low poly Fantasy sword outfits

Mudbox sculpts

Mudbox criminal heads Mudbox monster head Mudbox Joker smile for Moviestorm Mudbox Vampiress head Mudbox Zombie head

Race Driver 2/3

Race Driver 2 FMV scene Race Driver 2 FMV scene Race Driver 2 FMV scene Race Driver 2 FMV scene Race Driver 2 low Poly Bailiffs Race Driver 3 Pit crew outfit Race Driver 3 Pitgirls Race Driver 2 Background character Race Driver 3 FMV

Old Unreal Tournament mods

Unreal Tournament Low Poly Homer Simpson Unreal Tournament Low Poly Batman and Harley Quinn Unreal Tournament Low Poly Captain America Unreal Tournament Low Poly Chiana (Farscape) Unreal Tournament Low Poly Clown

And I was the winner of the Expose 4 Master Award in the Humorous category!

Bill's Snowmen